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Thanks Mom!

Moms do it all so now’s your chance to thank her for it all. Upload or create a note to tell Mom just how grateful you are for her this Mother’s Day.

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The Importance Of "Thank You"

Saying “Thank You” only takes a moment, but it’s one of the most important interactions in our society. For both the thanker and the thanked, the act of expressing gratitude fulfills a psychological need to share and feel appreciation.

When you say “Thank You,” you are making a simple gesture to give back to someone that has given something to you. And in so doing, you feel better for sharing the emotion of gratitude with them.

Importance of Thank You

Meanwhile, the person you thank feels a stronger emotional bond and reassured in their decisions. It brings a smile to their face to see their efforts are being recognized. “Thank You” is a powerful reinforcement that they did the right thing.

If people were to give thanks more often, the world would be a better place. So share your gratitude and say “Thank You” whenever you feel appreciation.

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